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You like to get involved in DBpedia? Choose from the following options and be a part of our great community. Note: If you would like to get more familiar with DBpedia first, please look at the must-reads in the Learn About DBpedia Section




Google Summer of Code

DBpedia Community Meetings

DBpedia Groups and Mailinglist



Open Positions


    Ways to Contribute (non-dev)

    DBpedia mappings

    Wikipedia infoboxes are the most abundand source of information for DBpedia. The DBpedia Mappings Wiki where our community creates new mappings or updates old ones. Create an account on the mappings wiki and ask editor permissions on the mailing list to get started.

    You can also help us improve the documentation on the wiki for new users

    DBpedia ontology

    The mappings wiki, besides the infobox mappings, can edit the DBpedia ontology as well. If you are an ontology engineer, you can join our expert DBpedia ontology committee.

    Local DBpedia's

    DBpedia is available in many languages and the mappings wiki is enabled in the most popular ones. If there is no local DBpedia in your language, e.g. you can start creating a local community and contact us to help you bootstrap your DBpedia.

    Help your fellow DBpedians

    Documentation / website feedback

    Like most open source projects, DBpedia could improve a lot in terms of documentations. We can use your help to better disseminate DBpedia goals in:

    • DBpedia mappings wiki. If you know how to create DBpedia mappings, please go through the introduction pages and try to improve them for new-comers
    • DBpedia website (self-referencing). You can
      • Give us feedback on how to better structure our website,
      • join the DBpedia communications group
      • Ask for an account and edit content directly
      • Send us some up-to-date SPARQL examples

    Development – Get Involved

    If you know how to code in any of Scala, Java, Shell Scripting, python, etc there is a DBpedia project that can use your help.

    Our main org repositories are DBpedia and DBpedia-Spotlight on Github and we try to keep dev-related information directly on github.

    Before you jump directly into code, take a look on our DBpedia Development page for more meta informations