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DBpedia Service Categories

The DBpedia Association was created to coordinate more stable community services around DBpedia. We group these services into four categories:


Public Services: are freely available to the wider public and provided by the DBpedia Community as a whole (Association, the Chapters, the association members and other community members).
Member Services: are freely available to association members and provided by the association and its chapters.
Professional Services are additional paid services provided by the association and its chapters. Members will get a discount and some of these services will only be available for members.
Mediated Professional Services: are additional paid services provided by members of the association that are mediated by the association.


Sponsorship Members

Your main incentive to become a sponsor member should be to support the DBpedia Community. As we are grateful to accept you as a sponsorship member, we will mention you in a special place on the website, at the blog, at the meetings and at most other DBpedia activities. Some of the professional services are also included (up to a certain  extent) in the Sponsorship package.

Benefits provided by the DBpedia Association

Public Services:

  • high-quality data and software with consistency checks, better documentation, update scripts and support infrastructure

  • free and open data, downloadable as bulk for everybody

  • maintenance and moderation of DBpedia Website

    • publish DBpedia success stories, demos

    • providing documentation

    • listing academic publications by the community

  • blog posts, social-media, newsletter

  • hosted by the association, the chapters, the members and the community

    • SPARQL endpoints

    • DBpedia Spotlight

    • DBpedia Lookup

  • the association will collect and maintain up-to-date lists on running services and give full acknowledgement to our contributors

  • free DBpedia Community events

  • all incubator and working groups are free to join for the public


Member Services:

  • contact point to help you find who or what you are looking for in the DBpedia-Community-Universe

  • ability to influence, what data in which formats are provided and how dev resources are spent (via participation in the DBpedia Advisory Committee)

  • help and guidance on how to add backlinks to DBpedia to your knowledge base (via

  • member feedback channel for issue and bug reporting, so any issues you have are logged, prioritized and dispatched to the responsible developer, thus having a higher chance to get fixed quickly

  • help and guidance to publish your data as part of the DBpedia+ Data Stack

  • public acknowledgement of all individual, academic and industrial members on the DBpedia website

  • Help and guidance on how to use DBpedia

  • Help and guidance to find an appropriate Entity Resolution service

  • allowance to include a special DBpedia membership logo on your website and mention that you are a DBpedia member in your announcements

  • apply for a DBpedia subdomain and display showcases of your DBpedia-powered technologies (e.g. iMinds showcases their Linked Data Fragments: )

  • Announcement of new members in the DBpedia Newsletter

  • Share announcements and dissemination channels, the DBpedia Association will serve as a contact point and guide you:

    • contribute to the DBpedia website at by including your testimony about your support of DBpedia as well as use-cases and demos

    • post technologies / services (not products) on DBpedia dissemination channels

    • contribute to the DBpedia newsletter

  • start incubator groups

  • apply for working groups

  • Apply to become part of the executive team for a Language, Regional or Special Interest Chapter

  • Send a representative to the Advisory Committee and participate in the discussions and help us decide on future developments

  • discounts on affiliated conferences and workshops (i.e. SEMANTiCS)


Professional Services:

  • increased quality control of data

  • customized dumps for your enterprise purposes

  • linking service

  • Linked Data conversion and data integration (small projects)

  • new features in DBpedia-related  software

  • premium-speed bug fixing in DBpedia-related  software

  • We offer a sponsorship membership see above

  • We allow sponsoring our events

  • We can provide back links from our data to your data, thus increasing traffic

  • we can help you find Semantic Web developers and help you with hiring and job postings


Professional Mediated Services

  • Linked Data and DBpedia Training

  • Linked Data conversion and data integration (large projects)

  • Development of Linked Data Strategies for your enterprise

  • Integration of DBpedia Data into your system

  • Dedicated hosting for DBpedia Services  (SPARQL Endpoint, DBpedia Spotlight)

  • Install and maintain DBpedia services and databases on-site in your organisation