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Please note that besides coding, there are many other ways you can improve DBpedia. If you are new to DBpedia we suggest you first learn a bit more about DBpedia before you get started.

Our main org repositories are DBpedia and DBpedia-Spotlight on Github and we try to keep dev-related information directly on github.

Take a Look around

If you already read about DBpedia and how it works, look around our org github repositories. The main repos are the Extraction Framework and DBpedia Spotlight but there are many other sub-projects. The main programming languages we use are Scala, Java & some Shell Scripting.

  • Look at the wiki pages & try to build the code. If the documentation is not good, ask for our help and help us improve it
  • Take a look at the existing bugs on our issue trackers to have an idea of what is there to fix

Introduce your-self

Introduce yourself to our developer mailing lists (or gsoc if you are a gsoc student).

Tell us a bit about yourself, your interests, what you like about DBpedia and the DBpedia (sub)projects you would like to work on (if you found one already) or ask us to help you choose one.

If you are a GSoC student, we have a dedicated page with available projects you can work on but we always welcome new ideas.


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Development – Get Involved


Get Involved

DBpedia has a great potential for growth. There are several ways how you can contribute and join the DBpedia Team:


Further Ideas for Pages

  • Ideas- Future of DBpedia
  • Documentation
  • How to set up ...
  • Documentation for each extractor
  • FAQs see below
  • Support pages (maybe FAQs get to big)
  • Page with sparql queries