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August 17, 2017

i'm not very experienced and i need a hand, i should run a sparql query on dbpedia depending on a "pattern" created by me for example: If I write P (? X,? Y) I want to run a sparql query on dbpedia that searches for all individuals (subject and object) that have a certain P. property.

Sparql: "Select? X, P,? Y    Where? X P? Y "

How should I behave with prefixes? Is anyone able...

August 17, 2017

I am trying to dump all dbpedia places in my database.

But when I checked my Dump places, it is missing some places. Like Eiffel_Tower and Taj_Mahal.

I thing below query is not giving all places.

In below query I am incrementing offset by 10000 till end of dbo:Place...

August 15, 2017

I created this query to return all books that are notable works by George Orwell but it returns no result.

PREFIX dbo: <> PREFIX dbp: <> PREFIX foaf: <> SELECT ?name ?title where { ?person foaf:name ?name . ?title dbo:author ?person . ?title dbo:notableWork dbp:George_Orwell...

August 15, 2017

I am aware of dbpedia's endpoints, but I'd like to obtain a dump of dbpedia's dataset to process offline using spark and apply some machine learning algorithms on these data.

I took a look at DBpedia version 2016-10 and it seems that there are different files there, for example there is the dbpedia_2016-10.nt which is around 30k lines, is it possible...

August 10, 2017

I am a SparkQL/DBPedia noob and am trying to use it for a pet project

I have the following query to find all the people and the role(starring/director/editing,etc.) for a particular movie

PREFIX dbO: <> PREFIX dbR: <> SELECT ?p,?o WHERE { dbR:Personal_Shopper ?p ?o. ?o rdf:type dbO...

August 08, 2017

I need to search for properties or predicates in the middle of the DBpedia that are relevant to a given string. For example: For "born" I need "birthDate" and "birthPlace". WikiData has a search API for properties.

August 03, 2017

I need to extract information about articles (e.g., abstract, thumbnail) which located on the different nested subcategories of given category (e.g., History). How can I do that using SPARQL query? Or what is the optimal way to do that on python with a few SPARQL subqueries?

August 02, 2017

I am trying to solve the same problem as this one asked 4 years ago DBpedia SPARQL Query US Universities, except that I only need that 'labels' (institution names). However, the answers no longer work. See the comments under the highest answer. I have tried changing it to:

SELECT ?label WHERE...

July 25, 2017

In the below query I want to use ?uri variable which identifies the DBpedia resource to obtain the DBpedia element from DBpedia SPARQL service, but it returns no result as it expects URI within <>.

I also tried <?uri> but again no results had returned. When I write the URI directly, it returns the desired results, but I couldn't manage it by using a variable.


July 24, 2017

I have an OWL file describing a simple ontology at It has a couple of instances which have owl:sameAs property referring to DBpedia and Wikidata items. What I want to do is to have a federated SPARQL query for both obtaining information from my ontology and the related entities...