Verslag "Dutch DBpedia session" op 10e Community Meeting

September 26, 2017 by Lieke Verhelst, Categories: Events

This session was held at the 10th DBpedia Community Meeting on 14 September 2017 in Amsterdam 

We discussed the tasks and responsibilities for sustaining and developing the Dutch DBpedia. Our reference for this discussion were the tasks and responsibilities stated in the Memorandum of Understanding for the Dutch DBpedia signed last year by Huygens ING, KB, VU, iMec en Beeld en Geluid. Representatives of these organizations were present and also a major part of the active members of the Dutch DBpedia Community.

Memorandum of Understanding

The MoU described the following goals for the Dutch DBpedia cooperation:

  • support the goals of the DBpedia Association as described in the DBpedia Association Charter (January 2016);
  • further strengthen the Dutch DBpedia chapter and its community of contributors and users;
  • improve the cooperation between the Dutch DBpedia and the Dutch research infrastructure for Digital Humanities and Linguistics (through the CLARIAH-NL);
  • improve the cooperation between the Dutch DBpedia and the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE).

No additional goals were identified at the meeting.


The MoU also describes concrete tasks concerning organizing the Dutch Chapter, communication, technical infrastructure and content improvement. We discussed these in order to identify the next steps for maturing the chapter.   


Structure of the organization & communication

In order to create a more formal organizational structure Enno Meijers was selected to be the Chapter Executive and will serve as principal contact for the Chapter. The Chapter Executive is responsible for execution of the tasks required to achieve the goals of the Dutch DBpedia Chapter. The Chapter Executive will be supported by Gerard Kuys as Deputy Executive and formal representative of the community of volunteers.


In order to organize a process for building a stronger Chapter a taskforce consisting of the Chapter Executive, the Deputy Executive and representatives of the institutions will meet at least every three months and decide on the necessary actions. The members of the taskforce are held responsible for organizing consent within their community or organization so an effective decision making process can take place. The reports on the meetings will be shared within the community. The proper channel for this kind of communications still needs to be determined, for now email will be used. A meeting open to all members of the community (like the one on September 14th) will be held once or twice a year.     


The main public communication channel will be the Dutch DBpedia website: Sidney Gijzen and Lieke Verhelst have done great work on building the new Dutch DBpedia website and they will continue to do so in the future. Gertjan Filarski (Huygens ING) will investigate the possibilities to have some professional support from his organization on external communication and outreach.  


Technical infrastructure

The current endpoint is still running in a infrastructure hosted by Infai in Leipzig. We are in the process of moving this to a Dutch infrastructure and Huygens offered to provide a service for this. In a separate technical meeting the necessary actions have been discussed with Magnus Knuth, technical lead of the In the following weeks the steps will be taken that to the relocate the technical environment. Huygens will provide technical support for the servers. Roland Cornelissen will stay responsible for the functional management of the Dutch DBpedia.


In order to get a clearer view on who is using the Dutch DBpedia statistics about the usage are needed. Enno and Roland will investigate the already available usage information and analyse their usability.